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Benefits of using Vertical Blinds NY [Infographic]

The info-graphic titled as “Advantages of installing vertical blinds NY”, states few importance of installing vertical blinds in office and home. Vertical blinds offer an affordable and functional way of controlling light.

Vertical blinds are in one of those things we really don’t give much thought to. Blinds are also an important part of our lifestyle as it protects us from sun while adding some decoration to our house. In vertical blinds plethora of option are available we can choose from according to our lifestyle and decor needs. And also they are available in different color and material option.

Another benefit of using vertical blind is they are easy to clean and more resistant to staining. You can tilt them easily and make them open completely. On comparing blinds with other source, blinds provide excellent level of privacy.

Blinds are both attractive and practical. Now shop for affordable and easy available vertical blinds NY online, or you can also check out the details mentioned on below info-graphic.



Different lift System Options in Roller Shades [Infographic]

The infographic titled, “Facts about Designer Roller Shades” talks about various lift systems of designer roller shades. Roller shades are one of the most popular and functional types of shades that are constructed using a wide variety of fabric choices.

Different options in lift systems of roller shades include:

Custom clutch system: Custom clutch system is the newest update to the roller shades, allowing shade-to-shade lift uniformity and minimum light gap on both sides.
Literise system: This is a cordless option that comes with either a small tab or 6 inch decorative cord to move the shade up and down with ease.
UltroGlide single retractable cord system: UltroGlide single retractable cord system provides a stationary cord length with the shade being in the up or down position to help keep with pet and child safety.
PowerView motorization system: PowerView motorization system allows your shades to connect with the battery operated pebble remote.

For more details about various lift system options in designer roller shades and styles of cassettes and bottom rails, please refer the given infographic.


Why Choose Custom Wood Blinds? [Infographic]

The infographic titled, “Enjoy Window Treatments with Custom Wood Blinds”, describes all about custom wooden blinds. Windows are a major focal point in a room. With right kind of window treatment, you can enhance the appearance and functionality of your windows. One of the best window treatments are the window blinds. They are a kind of window covering. The blinds that you choose for your windows should be both decorative and functional.

These days, window blinds can be completely customized to match any color scheme and trimmed with custom, decorative details. Custom wood blinds can be created for any size of window including large skylight or a small window in your room. These kinds of blinds are available in assorted colors, styles and wood types to perfectly match your furniture and existing wood trim. Moreover, knowing the size of your windows that you want to cover will help you choose more wisely.
Custom features of wood blinds provide numerous decorating options, such as: control options, designer features, motorized operation, specialty shapes, energy consumption and light control. For more details about custom wood blinds and their key features, please refer the given infographic.


Important Tips to Clean Different Types of Window Shades [Infographic]

The infographic titled, “Cleaning Tips for Window Shades” describes various important tips to clean and maintain different types of window shades. Window shades are decorative and functional window treatments available in an array of styles.

Below mentioned are some of the most popular types of window shades and tips to clean them:

Honeycomb/cellular shades: Honeycomb shades are made of multiple layers of fabric, creating small cells. In order to clean this type of shades, you must use a brush attachment on your vacuum to prevent the shades from developing a yellow tint. Use blow dryer to clean up any dust inside the cells. To get rid of stains, use a slightly damp cloth to blot at the spot.

Solar shades: Solar shades are generally resistant to mold and moisture, which makes them quite easier to clean. You can simply use a damp cloth to wipe them down and lightly dry them to get rid of any extra water. For a lighter cleaning, you can use feather duster. You can also use a brush attachment on a vacuum to clean the shades.

For more window shades cleaning tips, please refer the given infographic.


Solar Shades: The Most Energy-Efficient Window Treatment

The infographic titled “Why to Consider Energy-Efficient Solar Shades?” is designed with a specific aim to delineate different attributes of solar shades that can help you to get the most energy-efficient window treatment in your home.

Not only they gently filter and diffuse natural sunlight and block out harmful UV rays, but also keep your room cooler by doing so. Solar shades are available in numerous patterns and shades and you can always go ahead to choose the one with a higher openness factor and a darker fabric to get a clearer view.

Furthermore, these solar shades are also available in an impressive collection of fabrics and colors at shades store nyc that will help you add the balance and style to your rooms, you’d always desired for. You can also refer to the given infographic to know more about solar shades and their attributes.


The Latest Trends in Window Curtains

The main purpose of curtains is intended to block or obscure lights as well as give you ample privacy. Each one of these curtains comes with a different attribute assigned to them as they are made up of different types of fabrics to help with different degree of light absorption and heat insulation.

The infographic “Types of Curtains NYC” recently uploaded by royalwindowtreatments.com gives you a complete insight into different types of curtains and the qualities associated with them. It will help you while you’ll be looking forward to find the right curtains for your windows.

Different types of curtains available these days are: Box Pleated Curtains, Cased Heading Curtains, Eyelet Curtains, Tab Top Curtains, Sheer Curtains, Pelmets and Valances and hanging Curtains. You can use ‘Eyelet Curtains’ in your kids’ rooms which are an ideal choice due to their suitability for light and medium fabrics.

Whereas, pelmets can be used to conceal the curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing and valances will give a much softer appearance with a gathered or pleated heading. You can also refer to the given infographic to get more information on these curtains.


Make Your Windows Appealing Using Curtains And Valances

Valances are a form of window treatments which cover the uppermost part of the window. These can be hung alone or can be paired with window blinds or curtains and are basically used for the purpose of wall decorative effect and also in order to conceal the curtain rods, blinds or shade hardware.

You can find various styles, patterns and types of Valances matching your curtains in various stores in NYC.

The Infographic titled “Décor Your Windows With Valances” explains the various types of valances which are available in NYC. These include the following:

  • Crenellated: These types of valances feature a cutout edge at the bottom hem which is similar in appearance to the edge of the castle, usually a stiffer, flat fabric.
  • Swag: This is a type of valance having one or more sections of draped fabric that hang down between the points in a rounded fashion. These are also called as Festoon or Jabot.
  • Tailored, Flat: This is a flat, rectangular valance without gathers or ruffles.
  • Balloon: These are puffy valance which are made up of light weight fabric that is gathered or shirred in order to create a balloon effect.

For further details, refer the given Infographic.


Swags and Tails: The Most Beautiful Window Treatment

The infographic titled “Swag Window Treatment for Ultimate Effect”, talks about Swags and Tails window treatments. You will get a brief idea about the basic elements to design, different styles of Swags and Tails, types of Swags and their benefits. A window treatment is an important decorating element that is usually placed in, on, over or around a window. They not only enhance the aesthetics of the room, but also augment the functionality of your windows.

Swags and Tails are one of the most ornamental window treatments that are ideal when used as a classic treatment in a traditional setting. Swags are basically the bits that are draped horizontally and Tails are the bits that hand down usually on either side of the window. The two most common types of Swags window treatment are staggered pleats and standard pleats. In staggered pleats, each pleat begins slightly further in from the previous one whereas in standard pleats, all pleats come from the same point on the outer edges.

For more information about Swags and Tails window treatment, please refer the given infographic.


Window Blinds NYC: Things to Know! [Infographic]

The infographic titled, “Window Blinds NYC”, creatively describes the various important things to be considered before purchasing any kind of window blinds. Window blinds are basically the type of window covering available in different styles to choose from. As compared to other window covering options, window blinds comprises a large number of benefits. For instance, blinds can be adjusted easily to control the amount of light entering the room. Other benefits include, easy to clean and maintain, comes in a variety of materials, offers utmost privacy, etc.

Though, there are numerous advantages of window blinds, one must be careful enough when buying any kind of blinds. There are certain things that need to be considered when buying window blinds such as: the amount of light or privacy you require in your room, your budget, the kind of style including formal, casual, comfortable and chic, whichever suits well with the interior of your home, etc. For more details about the window blinds, refer the below infographic.

Window blinds at NYC

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