Everything you need to Know about Window Shades [Infographic]

Window shades are one of the best ways to ensure privacy and reduce energy consumption in a home. They also play an important role when it comes to controlling the amount of light in a room. Apart from providing these functional benefits, window shades can have a significant impact on the interior décor of your home. Due to all these factors, it becomes essential to choose the right type of window treatments for your home.

Window shades come in different styles and designs. Roman shades, balloon shades, fabric shades, honeycomb shades, tie-up shades, cellular shades are some of the most popular types of window shades available to the homeowners. Each of these shades has its own unique features and benefits. While honeycomb shades provide extra insulation and protection from the sun, balloon shades can be very effective in concealing blinds . Keeping in mind the important features of shades, you can easily choose the right shades for your home.


Curtain Buying Guide – Infographic

Curtain Buying Guide Infographic created by Royal window Treatment is a perfect guide to intricacies related to buying curtains as window treatments for the windows at your home. A must go through in terms of getting the best and most suitable product for your home.


Make Christmas Special with Fascinating Window Treatments [InfoGraphic]

Window treatment is one of the key elements of interior design. Choosing the right window treatments is an excellent way to elevate your home to a higher level of beauty. They serve functional as well as aesthetic requirements . On occasions like Christmas, warm looking window treatments play an important role in home decoration. A well-dressed window can add more cheer and beauty to a festive occasion like Christmas. From using Christmas wreaths to adding hanging ribbons, there are plenty of ways to add Christmas touch to your windows.

When it comes to buying window treatments for your home, selecting the right materials and colors is of prime importance. Silk, cotton, velvet and other choices are available to homeowners. Also, it’s not necessary to choose a single type of treatment for all the rooms. Different window treatments can be selected for living room, bedrooms and kitchen.

Installing the right window treatments is an excellent way to give your home a perfect look!

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Window treatment trends 2014

Window treatment trends 2014

Trends come and go – especially in the interiors world – but we can’t help fixating on the latest home ‘must-haves.’ In the world of shades, blinds and fabrics it appears that heavily textured woven fabrics are a big hit this side of 2014 while for later on in the year (ie autumn and winter), the odds are that mis-matched blinds is going to be a big style trend. We don’t mean contrasting in terms of textures, but rather colors eg a black blind on one wall and a red version on the other.

Woven fabrics add character

But, back to those woven fabrics. What are we talking about here? Vertical fabric blinds or drapes with thick, heavily woven textured fabric can add elegance to a room, as well as a design element and a feeling of warmth. And the best thing about this trend is that it fits with contemporary and traditional design.

Radiant Orchid emerges as Pantone’s Color 2014

Other trends for 2014 indulge color and pattern. With regard to the former as you’ll no doubt have heard by now, Pantone have announced Radiant Orchid their Colour of the Year. This vibrant and bright pink is pretty bold and is a great color for a feature wall or as an accent color.

We’re actually quite pleased about this here at Royal Window Treatments since it’s a personal favorite of ours and it certainly brightens up any room. Radiant Orchid is also easier to match with furniture and other fabrics than last year’s Emerald Green. Having said that, keep an eye out for indigo blue as well; which we’re convinced you are definitely going to be seeing a lot more of this year.

Neutrals that are more than nice

You’ll find neutrals – such as beige and white – still enjoy a very high profile in shades, blind and drapery design. It may seem a tad impractical because of their tendency to get grubbier quicker than a darker shade, but having non-descript blinds/drapes means you can splash out on colors on other items in your room such as a sofa or carpet (both of which will get far more foot traffic than shades anyhow).

A flourish of florals – shades NYC

Actually it’s not just in NYC that floral shades are bursting out all over, but in the rest of America as a whole. However, we did start to notice it here in NYC first. And not that we’re complaining. It’s been a while since our interiors were allowed the bright, fun and frolicking patterns that floral patterns undoubtedly introduce.

Scandinavian design has been popular for a while but it’s recently been enjoying resurgence thanks to the emergence of hit Scandinavian TV shows such as Borgen and The Killing in Europe, as well as the plethora of new books hitting our bookshelves from some high-profile Swedish and Norwegian crime authors. We’re glad since it’s a fun and clean look which is particularly good for children’s rooms or those which are vintage, minimalist or eco-inspired.

Multi-layered windows

And why not? Ok, this may prove a bit more expensive than buying one item for your windows, but the layering effect can look so dramatic and luxurious that it’s definitely worth it. And anyhow, buying a thin organza curtain isn’t too expensive if that’s the particular window treatment you go for..

We prefer window treatments where the colors are blended rather than contrasting ie the shades and curtains being as close as possible in color, making the whole window space seem larger and more of an exhibit or focal point for the room.

What’s your favorite shade and blind trend for 2014? Do share with us here at Royal Window Treatments.

Meanwhile, you can see more of our work on Google Plus and find us here.

Get clever choosing custom curtains

Get clever choosing custom curtains

When it comes to choosing drapes for the windows in your home, all the choice out there can initially seem pretty overwhelming. There are so many different styles, fabrics and accessories for custom curtains these days that it’s easy to simply switch off and opt for blinds instead. But don’t be hasty. You’d be missing out on so much décor enhancement if you did – not to mention warmth and lovely texture to stroke.

We’d advise you flick through a selection of magazines and start cutting out the styles you really like and even making a mood board of fabrics. Alternatively, of course, you can come and ask our experts here at Royal Window Treatments for some professional advice.

Fabric suggestions for custom curtains NYC

How to display custom curtains

Royal Window Treatments is easy to find here in New York and easier still if you check out our Google Maps link right here.


Window Treatments

Put simply, a window treatment can make or break a room. And that’s why considering what you put on your windows is just as important as choosing a new sofa, carpet or bedding. Depending on your take; perhaps even more so.

Blinds, drapes and roman window shades are undoubtedly one of the best ways of enhancing any room in your home – or office – thanks to the multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and textures around today. Update a drab Victorian style room with luxurious and elaborate drapes, pelmets and a valance for instance, or tidy up a cluttered study with a minimalist blind decision. Appeal to the eco side of your nature by introducing solar shades (and at the same time guarantee the longevity of the fabric in your sitting room or bedroom by blocking out UV rays).

Whether real or faux, wood blinds are growing in popularity and we can see why. Their simple style is perfect for coordinating with other furniture items and fabrics in a room and they can lend a cosy, rustic appeal to a kitchen or sitting room.

Custom made window treatments – particularly drapes – are the best way of ensuring your windows became an eye-catching and focal point of a room. At Royal Window Treatments our dedicated and professional team of designers pride themselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest interior trends in fabric patterns and textures.

As a leading family business which has been immersed in the industry for generations here in the heart of busy, cosmopolitan Manhattan, we have an insight into dressing windows that few in our sector can surpass. Many of our enviable client list has remained with us throughout the decades – which we believe is proof of the detail and dedication we put into every single commission received. Why not allow us to help enhance your home too?


Fighting High Rise Voyeurism With Privacy Window Treatments

Find out why people living high up in tall buildings need privacy window treatments. Many people naively believe that living in an upper floor of a high rise building, far above the prying gaze of passing pedestrians, will automatically protect them from unwanted visual intrusion, but nothing could be further from the truth. High rise voyeurism is alive and well. Using cameras, telescopes, and other technical equipment including drones, apartment and hotel voyeurs catch many unsuspecting residents in embarrassing situations ranging from sex to masturbation, and capture the view on film.

Read what some high rise voyeurs write about their practice on web blogs.

“Since I live on the 5th floor of an apartment building, I have had many opportunities to use my binoculars to find nudity through the windows of the buildings (and hotel) facing mine…”

“Though I have never had the pleasure, I understand that high-rise apartment buildings are prime viewing targets…”

“Night voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on videotaping or photographing one’s neighbors at night within illuminated rooms. The equipment consists of telescopes and telescopic lenses for high resolution cameras . Night voyeurs usually live across high raise condo buildings or across high raise hotels…”

“Many people who live in high rise buildings with hundreds of apartments or stay the night at a huge hotel with hundreds of rooms do not even think about the possibility that someone might be watching them through their window at night…”

“During a conference in Las Vegas which was held at a hotel with two towers facing each either, Igor and crew counted roundabout 100 hotel rooms at night which allowed to look inside…”

” Since 2011 more and more sophisticated self-propelled neighbor spy devices are available. The lower range of those “spy drones” are remote toy helicopters equipped with a cheap camera. One of the most sophisticated devices and Igor’s favorite tool to look through neighbors windows is the DraganFly X6 spy drone…”

High rise voyeurism is real, and preventing it it’s complicated by the fact that many high rise residents don’t want to sacrifice the stunning view they have from their windows, especially at night, when they erroneously believe they are alone with the city lights far below and the stars peeking out through urban smog above. So how can victims of high rise Peeping Tomism ensure their privacy without having to sacrifice the view from their picture windows. The answer is to purchase and install custom privacy window treatments.
Privacy window treatments are a variety of window dressings that allow building dwellers to look out while restricting the view of people who would seek to look in. The most advanced privacy curtain is the solar shade. Solar shades soften sunlight, while allowing people inside to look out and see the outside view. These types of shades come in different levels of opacity, and even the intermediate level of opacity will block people from looking in at night while permitting dwellers to make out the outer view, night or day.

Roman or fabric shades, which fold up like blinds, also allow light in but block outsiders from peering in. They come in different opacities and can be used for rooms where outside light is desired but the ability to see details out the window is not needed.

Blinds can also be used to insure privacy while allowing an outside view. By tilting the vanes to an acute angle, a person can see all the details of the outdoors that he wants , but an outsider attempting to see in, especially from a distance, will have a severely restricted view of the room. Top down blinds allow even more ability to see out, without sacrificing room privacy.
As a last resort, a high rise tenant wanting total privacy, as for a bedroom, can purchase top down blackout shades. When closed the shades will block out 99% of the light, and will make viewing from outside  impossible. When viewing out is desirable the shade can be opened from the top down permitting the apartment or condo dweller to look over the semi open shade while blocking voyeurs from a distance from seeing details lower down in the room.

Resource: For over 20 years Royal Window Treatments, 180 Lexington Ave, 2nd Fl New York, New York 10016,  has been offering custom window coverings and installation to residents of the greater New York area. They offer a wide variety of custom privacy window coverings. For details visit the website at http://royaldecorators.com or call the office at (212) 473-1111.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Bedroom Window Treatments

Guest Post: This  post was submitted by Amanda Haines on behalf of Forrest Furnishing in Glasgow Scotland. The article is full of interesting suggestions about window treatments for every room in the home including bedroom window treatments.

One of the easiest ways to add personality, class and elegance to the rooms in your house is to create window treatments. Gather ideas you like by perusing decorating websites and taking notes of color combinations, fabrics and styles that catch your eye. Another easy way to combine your inspiration is to page through decorating magazines and tear out pictures of window treatments you like. Bring the ideas to your interior decorator and they can help you put your ideas together to find a window treatment that works well with the shape and size of your windows, as well as the decor and style in the rest of the room.

By working with an interior decorator, you can combine your ideas with their ideas and successful window treatments they`ve used in the past. Chances are, they have photos of previous projects that can help inspire you or give you an idea of what you don`t want. Make sure you clearly express your preferences. You don`t want to wind up with window treatments that you hate looking at. Check out the following ideas and take it from there. Before you know it, you`ll have window treatments you love.

Drapes, also called curtains, are an easy way to bring your personality into a room. They usually contain lengths of fabric, which allow them to drape over the curtain rods or hooks above the windows. Long drapes that puddle on the floor are classic and look elegant in formal sitting rooms and master bedrooms. Choose a rich color that blends with your decor but isn`t so bright that they become the focal point, which can detract from everything else the room has to offer. For example, chocolate brown or deep burgundy is ideal for a parlor, while creamy white or blue works well for a bedroom. Shorter drapes are perfect for kitchen and dining room windows. They are also a great choice for kids` rooms because they`ll hang out of the way of the play space and away from the furniture. These rooms are ideal for choosing patterned curtains to give life to the room and lend a touch of whimsy. Try a chevron or polka dot pattern in the kitchen or a beach scene in a boy`s room. Again, your interior decorator can help you choose colors and patterns that work well with your existing furniture, paint colors and decor.

Blinds and shades are good if you prefer clean lines or don`t like all the extra fabric hanging from the windows. Solid white brings light and a sense of cleanliness to wide open rooms like parlors, outdoor patios and bedrooms. Deep wooden colors are perfect for more formal rooms and pair well with deep colors and wood floors. Let your interior decorator show you photos so you can get a sense of how the different options might look in the rooms.

Complete the look of your window treatments with accessories. Your interior decorator might suggest curtain ties, decorative hooks and rods or a valance. Curtain ties allow you to move your curtains back and hold them away from the window. Hooks on the wall are another option. You can really bring personality to a window treatment by choosing a fancy curtain rod. Opt for one in brushed nickel for an elegant look or a wooden one to mesh with wood floors and Forrest Furnishing . Top blinds or shades with a valance in a fun color or pattern that adds to the look of your room without overwhelming it. No matter what look you want, your interior decorator can help you get the perfect style that you`ll love showing off.


Dining Room Window Treatments


Dining Room Window Treatments


Leaving the windows bare is usually not the best option for any room in the house. The dining room tends to be a place where the entire family comes together to enjoy a meal. Because of this, creating a comfortable environment is of the utmost importance. While the dining room window treatments are just one aspect of decorating when it comes to the room, this is a great way to add a little so flair and style to one of the most used November rooms in the house.

Traditional Treatments

Simple blinds and simple curtains are always an option for any space. While this may not add much to the ddcor, they can blend into the walls and allow other pieces in the room to stand out. If this is the goal for the window treatments, the focus should be on fit and quality materials. Blinds and curtains should fit perfectly and should be created using quality items that will last.

Wrapping Fabric around the Pole

Window treatments don`t need to be heavy handed. In fact, in some cases, less is more. Consider looking for Management longer pieces of fabric that matches the overall look of the room. These materials tend to look like oversized scarves. Wrap it around a decorative pole about the window. There is no need to keep the wrapping even. This is a great opportunity to be creative and try new things. Allow the scarf to drape down on only one side, or create an even amount of excess on each side.

There is no need to stick with traditional textures. Use silks, wool, or even canvas to drape across the pole. This technique used in the dining room offers some level of flexibility. The pieces of fabric can be changed and moved over and over again to create a new and different look.


There is no need to only have one type of window treatment on one of the dining room windows. Some people add a little bit of extra interest to their windows by layering different types of window dressings. For example, a solid color valance is simple and elegant. Alone, it doesn`t add much to the room, but with sheer curtains laid over the top, a new and different look can be created. Layering often creates the need for multiple poles over the window, but this too can be used as a Installation decorative feature.

Using Different Objects over the Windows

Traditional curtains are not the only option for window treatments. In the dining room, different items can be strung up from a pole to fall down over the top of the window. In some cases, something like fishing wire is used to create a floating effect over the window. At other times, the objects are strung together at various lengths to create a unique and interesting look.

Homeowners have a lot of flexibility when it comes to ConEra this option. Small tiles, different types of silverware, or even small mirrors can come down over the top of the window. Much like other window treatment styles, this can be layered with other options to create some depth.

As with any type of window treatments, the goal is to match up with the existing pieces of furniture in the room. With the help of www.forrestfurnishing.co.uk, new furniture for the space can be acquired and then different window treatment options can be examined. Time around the dinner avisa… table is precious and Living everything from the furniture to the window treatments can make a difference in how the area looks and feels.