Honeycomb Shades



Cellular or pleated shades filter out harsh outdoor light with a single double or triple layer of honeycomb cells built into the coverings, which admit a unique soft and muted light into the room. Honeycomb shades come in a variety of sizes, colors, and levels of opacity, and can be selected to match any room décor. Their unique construction permits them to fold up compactly when closed and maintain energy efficiency when open. Their layers and rows of cells trap room air, protecting against sudden outdoor temperature fluxes. Honeycomb shades come with a variety of lift options including three types of cord control (all with child protective features), child safe cordless control, and motorized control. Our professional decorators will help you select the style and color for your honeycomb shades that best fit the needs of your room décor, and personal preference. Our experienced staff will complete the entire installation, reproducing the exact look you decided on at the time of purchase.