Swags and Tails: The Most Beautiful Window Treatment

The infographic titled “Swag Window Treatment for Ultimate Effect”, talks about Swags and Tails window treatments. You will get a brief idea about the basic elements to design, different styles of Swags and Tails, types of Swags and their benefits. A window treatment is an important decorating element that is usually placed in, on, over or around a window. They not only enhance the aesthetics of the room, but also augment the functionality of your windows.

Swags and Tails are one of the most ornamental window treatments that are ideal when used as a classic treatment in a traditional setting. Swags are basically the bits that are draped horizontally and Tails are the bits that hand down usually on either side of the window. The two most common types of Swags window treatment are staggered pleats and standard pleats. In staggered pleats, each pleat begins slightly further in from the previous one whereas in standard pleats, all pleats come from the same point on the outer edges.

For more information about Swags and Tails window treatment, please refer the given infographic.


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Put simply, a window treatment can make or break a room. And that’s why considering what you put on your windows is just as important as choosing a new sofa, carpet or bedding. Depending on your take; perhaps even more so.

Blinds, drapes and roman window shades are undoubtedly one of the best ways of enhancing any room in your home – or office – thanks to the multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and textures around today. Update a drab Victorian style room with luxurious and elaborate drapes, pelmets and a valance for instance, or tidy up a cluttered study with a minimalist blind decision. Appeal to the eco side of your nature by introducing solar shades (and at the same time guarantee the longevity of the fabric in your sitting room or bedroom by blocking out UV rays).

Whether real or faux, wood blinds are growing in popularity and we can see why. Their simple style is perfect for coordinating with other furniture items and fabrics in a room and they can lend a cosy, rustic appeal to a kitchen or sitting room.

Custom made window treatments – particularly drapes – are the best way of ensuring your windows became an eye-catching and focal point of a room. At Royal Window Treatments our dedicated and professional team of designers pride themselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest interior trends in fabric patterns and textures.

As a leading family business which has been immersed in the industry for generations here in the heart of busy, cosmopolitan Manhattan, we have an insight into dressing windows that few in our sector can surpass. Many of our enviable client list has remained with us throughout the decades – which we believe is proof of the detail and dedication we put into every single commission received. Why not allow us to help enhance your home too?